White Picket Witches

Witches of East End meets Desperate Housewives. Played with Fate Core rules (free/donation download). The intertwined lives of five witch families who have been scheming for generations on a quiet island off the coast of Massachusetts. Every garden party is a battle ground, every illicit kiss a victory.

This is a game for people who love a strong dramatic game, and are comfortable engaging with the other players as allies in creating the story, but whose characters are not allies in the story.

Who Are The Characters

The characters are connected to, or possibly members of, one of the Five Families of Moon Island. Whether you are a wealthy member of the Families, or somebody's by blow, you're the kind of person who happens to people, not the kind of person things happen to. You are also the kind of person who attracts a Nemesis. You'll be creating your nemesis as part of your character generation.

You are a practitioner of arcane traditions that have been passed down through generations. Of course, if you're a bastard, there's also a good chance that the power was handed down, but not so much with the traditions. You may have had to learn them on their own, which adds some opportunity for your own personal flair.


While Moon Island is a fictional, vaguely east coast island, it might be easier to think of it as Shelter Island, off Long Island in New York. This is the actual setting of Witches of East End, with the serial numbers filed off and “North Hampton” painted over it. If there was the desire, this could easily be moved to a more midwestern setting, such as Bois Blanc.

The First Adventure

One of the unique properties of Fate is that part of Character Generation includes creating your first adventure, where your life became entwined with that of everyone else in the game.

An island full of secrets and magic is a place ripe for adventure and magic is a place ripe for adventure and exploration. It abounds with mysteries, secrets, lies and the potential for monstrous behavior, both human and inhuman. All the vices, from lust and gluttony to wrath and pride, can and will pop up. You can take your game anywhere you want to go–even off the Island. But, when the characters are stressed out and pushed too far, and the sooner the better, the GM needs to bring them back home to the Island, to a Place of Power for the inevitable Face-Off.

Those kinds of scenes play out like this:

  • The players or GM propose what scene should happen. Confrontation, investigation, seduction, showing off, whatever it is that the characters want or needs to accomplish.
  • The GM encourages the players to pick a Place of Power in which to frame the scene. A player can spend a fate point to declare details: things like the time of day, who else might be around, or even the weather. Those become Situation Aspects with a free invoke for the person who spent the fate point to use, or give away to another player as they wish.
  • The scene progresses, roleplayed as normal with obstacles arising as in any other scene, until two or more characters–either PC or NPC–come into conflict. At that point, a player can call for a Face-Off. NPCs can call for Face-Offs, either at the GM's behest, or as requested by one of the players as fitting with the story for that NPC. Whenever possible, the GM should encourage the Face-Off to be between two characters, so that the other players are having more things to do.