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 +====== The White Mouse ======
 +On a rain lashed night the players are sheltering at an Inn on the river, waiting for the weather to clear before taking the ferry across, when they are approached by a small, frightened woman asking for protection for the night.
 +===== Who The Players Are =====
 +The players are seeking employment in the service of Lord Vastrun, who is hiring brave adventurers to defend his kingdom against the goblin threat that looms in the wild parts of his land.  There'​s plenty of money to be had for soldiers and the entrepreneurial sorts who attach themselves to an army.
 +===== System and Setting =====
 +GURPS 4th edition, 150 point characters (equivalent to roughly the dramatic power of a detective from a novel, or a 3rd level D&D character). ​ Templates from GURPS Fantasy and Basic Set are available. ​ This includes traditional fantasy tropes, as well as room for a lot of other characters and creativity.
 +===== What is the First Adventure =====
 +The characters are confronted with the choice of helping the woman who appears helpless, and whatever trouble that may bring, or leaving her to her own devices, which may have consequences of its own.