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Clay's Campaign Ideas

Right now this is just a scratch pad for game ideas, because I don't have a currently running game.

  • Quandos Vorn Must Die! The Count of Monte Cristo on a Space Opera scale.
  • White Picket Witches If Witches of East End and Desperate Housewives had a love child, it would certainly be involved in one of these schemes.
  • Have Blaster, Will Travel Space Bounty Hunters, which looks a lot like KillJoys with the serial numbers filed off.
  • Empire of the Clouds Swashbuckling nautical adventures in lighter than air ships.
  • Monster Hunters of Inverness Street Modern monster hunters keeping Washtenaw County safe from blood sucking fiends.
  • Rise of the Rune Lords Everybody was having a good time spending their hard earned loot on ale and persons of negotiable affection at the harvest festival until the goblin horde showed up. Then it got all stabby.
    • The White Mouse A woman in distress draws the players into a rebellion against the oppressive Lord Drake.

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If any of these games sound interesting, please let me know and we'll get a game running. If you are interested in more than one game, feel free to submit multiple times.

If you have variant ideas on the game as proposed, feel free to wax eloquent in the descriptions below. There's nothing set in stone at this point, and I'll do my absolute best to make sure we play the kind of game you want.

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