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 +Clay's Campaign Ideas
 +===== Campaign Prospectus =====
 Right now this is just a scratch pad for game ideas, because I don't have a currently running game. Right now this is just a scratch pad for game ideas, because I don't have a currently running game.
-  * [[Urban Magic:]] +  * [[Quandos Vorn Must Die!]] The Count of Monte Cristo on a Space Opera scale. 
-  * [[Privateers of the Aether|Privateers ​of the Air]] +  * [[White Picket Witches]] If Witches of East End and Desperate Housewives had a love child, it would certainly be involved in one of these schemes. 
-  * [[Quandos Vorn Must Die!]]+  * [[Have Gun, Will Travel]] ​ Space Bounty Hunters, which looks a lot like KillJoys with the serial numbers filed off. 
 +  * [[Privateers of the Aether]]  Swashbuckling nautical adventures in lighter than air ships. 
 +  * [[inverness:​start|Monster Hunters of Inverness Street]] ​ Modern monster hunters keeping Washtenaw County safe from blood sucking fiends. 
 +  * [[Rise ​of the Rune Lords]]  ​Everybody was having a good time spending their hard earned loot on ale and persons of negotiable affection at the harvest festival until the goblin horde showed up.  Then it got all stabby. ​ 
 +  * [[The White Mouse]] ​ A woman in distress draws the players into a rebellion against the oppressive Lord Drake. 
 +===== Sign Up ===== 
 +If any of these games sound interesting,​ please let me know and we'll get a game running. ​ If you are interested in more than one game, feel free to submit multiple times. 
 +If you have variant ideas on the game as proposed, feel free to wax eloquent in the descriptions below. ​ There'​s nothing set in stone at this point, and I'll do my absolute best to make sure we play the kind of game you want. 
 +action mail clay@lazarusid.com 
 +Thanks "Thank you for your interest"​ 
 +fieldset "About You" 
 +Textbox "Your Name"  
 +email "​Address to contact you" @@ 
 +Textbox "What days would work best to play?"​ 
 +fieldset "The Game"​ 
 +select "​Preferred Game" "​Anything! ​ I just wanna roll the dice!|Quandos Vorn Must Die!|White Picket Witches|Have Blaster, Will Travel|Privateers of the Aether|Monster Hunters of Inverness Street|Rise of the Rune Lords|The White Mouse"​ 
 +static "What is something you would like to be true about..."​ 
 +Textarea "Your Character"​ ! 
 +Textarea "The Game" ! 
 +submit "Sign Up!" 
 +[[Campaigns in Waiting]] that aren't up for voting now, but may be in the future.