Quandos Vorn Must Die!

Across the vastness of human space a few individuals of exceptional infamy project their lust for power. Fear of their names spreads from planet to planet like a cancer.

None of these evokes greater loathing and terror than the world-spanning criminal mastermind Quandos Vorn.

Quandos Vorn. Who you have sworn to kill.

Who Are The Characters?

You are victims, or the survivors of victims, of Quandos Vorn. You have dedicated your life to ending his, no matter what lengths you must go to.

The Rules

Nominally GURPS 4th Edition, with 150 point characters. One twist of this game is that during the first session, we will dedicate a considerable amount of our story telling time to our back stories, which in turn define Quandos Vorn (may his living flesh be an abode of maggots).

As part of your backstory, which we'll flesh out at the table, you'll want to answer these questions:

  1. Who is Quandos Vorn
  2. What unspeakable thing he did to merit your vengeance
  3. Why this blight upon the name of humanity still draws breath

The First Adventure

You have learned of a Vorn plot to enslave a planet by raising a long dead diety and bending it to his will. It's the first chance you've had to strike a blow in months, and you're going to take it.