The Monster Hunters of Inverness Street

A group of monster hunters living on Inverness Street in Dexter, Michigan. They find a surprising amount of supernatural activity in southeast Michigan.

Their most recent threat is what appears to be a vampire nest, working out of Dutchman Recycling and Processing in Ypsilanti. They have left too many bloodless corpses in the street, and even by Ypsilanti standards that's weird.

In the world of the Monster Hunters of Inverness Street, the occult is just that: hidden. People don't believe in the supernatural, and mostly that protects them. When it doesn't, that's where the Monster Hunters come in.

Joining the Game

Choose one of the pregenerated characters and notify

These characters are not set in stone. If you have a different idea for a contemporary monster hunter I can probably accomodate your idea. You can also easily change one of the existing character templates, from changing a name to a gender to a skill set.

Still To Be Done

  • Determine a time and place to play
  • Establish a frequency with which we meet