Have Blaster, Will Travel

The Warrant is Everything

Professional bounty hunters in the Corporate Sector, you provide justice for those who can afford it, where corporate security won't touch it. Inspired by Killjoys and Firefly.

Game System

Played with GURPS 4th Edition, using Transhuman Space Action templates.

The Characters

The characters are members of the Hunter's Extraction League. They are a private bounty hunter service that functions independently of the corporations that control the Corporate Sector. They maintain their own ships and stations. They do not have on planet facilities.

Individual hunters or teams purchase their own ships. They pay an annual membership fee to HEL for their license, in addition to both practical and written exams to certify their competency. Fees and examinations depend upon a member's rank within the League. Rank, likewise, determines eligibility for warrants.

The First Adventure

The PCs receive a new warrant, unfortunately for a family member of one of the hunters. A family member who is not particularly easy to kill.